About Us

About Rise and Shine

our_team_2 New Zealand's most advanced philosophy surrounds our childcare and child-education system here in Rise and Shine. The founding philosophy of Rise and Shine is a combination of Reggio Emilia principles, Christian values and added top notch education systems. Reggio Emilia approach has been around for ages as well as Christianity.

Children love to be in a happy and playful environment, with all the comfort zones that we could provide. As loving and caring parents, now you can jump in to your work and do an awesome job for your bosses without worrying about your child. Rise and Shine provides a list of healthy nutrition meals, nappies, fun daily programmes and our doors are always open for parent friendly hours.

Rise and Shine has managers and teachers with utmost qualifications, extremely passionate and highly committed. Every individual child is our individual priority.


What We Do

We follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whariki.

Children are the gifts of God. We at the Mangere Centre, create a love of learning for the little ones. We respect their ideas and activities, and play along with their thinking path. We often discover fun and astonishment, and of course a lot of fun. Such an approach increases their confidence and let them walk the world of creative imagination and innovation. An active learning system is well in place in Rise and Shine, incorporating 100 languages model interactions with the children. They run, play and explore the world of speaking in a creative way. Parents can help in nurturing and providing an emotional support and strength to the children. We also invite the parents to Rise and Shine and make sure their inputs are incorporated and relaxed in to an engaging and fun environment.

Our programme is based on 3 educational pillars…

Reggio Emilia approach

Te Whāriki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum


Rise and Shine ensures consistent quality of our teaching programmes, all teachers undergo ongoing reflective Korero, professional development, training and theoretical exploration. We make sure, children grow with creating their own identities, we at Rise and Shine supports open ended questioning, this will enhance the growth of ideas, furthermore offering meaningful opportunities for better understanding the child's interests. Assessment and documentation play a crucial role in our programme, as they create opportunities for collaboration. This consistently deepens our understanding of all children and our environment, provoking and challenging us further. This is reflected in our curriculum and monthly planning. To ensure the holistic development of all children we also provide a healthy heart and active movement programme.

Centre Manager

Our centre manager is Katrina, she is a fully qualified certified teacher. Katrina is passionate about ensuring quality care and education, and meeting the needs of all our children and whanau. She has an open door policy and she is available to all tamariki, whanau and staff at all times.

Centre Coordinator

Kristie is a fully qualified certified teacher and has many years experience with all age groups.

She is here to help and support you with all your needs at Rise & Shine. Kristie can help you with enrolment, WINZ, changing days/hours, fees, information and anything else you may need.

Centre Cook

Genevieve is our centre cook. She cooks fresh and nutritious meals on-site as well as prepares snacks for our tamariki.

Active movement sessions

We offer weekly active movement sessions for the children. In these weekly sessions, the active movement teacher puts together experiences and specially selected equipment targeting the development of strength, balance, loco motor and coordination skills. Creative movement, music and group games are also incorporated to make each session a fun and exciting experience.