Clareo Room

Welcome to Clareo!

This is where our 3.5 year olds learn, laugh and thrive. Our 3.5 year olds are super busy acquiring new skills and independence. Our Kaiako are here to nurture, support and guide the tamariki through their challenges, learning new skills and making sense of our world. Clareo is an inviting room with an environment designed to aid the children’s self-help skills and emerging independence. We have a very spacious outdoor area with room to run, jump, climb and explore for this energetic age.


Autumn is in her last months of study and will graduate as a fully qualified teacher soon. She brings with her the latest knowledge and up -to-date findings and is always doing exciting activities with our tamariki.

Rose knows how to create beautiful magical spaces for the children. Rose makes every child feel special and loved, there is always lots of laughter and fun when Rose is around.